Omi Burger
اومي برجر

Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging

Branding the modern burger restaurant

Omi Burger is a Saudi restaurant specializing in burgers, located in Riyadh at Almanar and Alnaseem districts, and one of a variety of restaurants that follow a single company. Omi Burger is targeting the youth in a modern style, where the logo and pattern are used very well in its identity, packaging, and decoration. Omi means Ōmi Province, a predecessor of Shiga, Japan, where the wagyu (Japanese beef) originating in. Ōmi beef is generally considered one of the three top brands, along with Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef.

YaStudio mission is to deliver the modern style through Omi's look and feel. The reason why we create it trendy, simple and iconic. The logo icon is combining the burger shape and Omi letters. The typeface is facelifted font to be suited with Omi's logo. The colors black and brown is to follow the wooden and steel materials in the interior design.



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