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SaudiStudios is a platform brings together creative agencies and design studios in Saudi Arabia from various creative categories and specialized services to help those looking for a certain company, with a specific service, in a specific region, with specific experience to easily find a company that suits their business as well as to connect these agencies together.

⟶ saudistudios.com


Art Events

BēSaudi is a creative and casual gallery started in 2013 and happen in many cities in Saudi Arabia to connect creatives, artists, and designers from different categories to share their work, stories, and experience.

⟶ besaudi.com


Stylish Notebooks

GridPapers is brand of multiple choices of high quality printed notebooks to use for business, personal, or creative matters.

⟶ gridpapers.com 


Creative Meetups

Created is simple, casual, inexpensive and unscheduled meetups, often on Tuesdays every two weeks (twice a month), bringing together designers and creatives from different directions and art categories to discuss the personal experience, latest trends, work showcase, interviews, consultations, and working together to make ideas happen.

⟶ meetup.com/created

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