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Rebranding one of the biggest Saudi food delivery mobile apps


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Wssel (W99l in the past) is a food, drinks, desserts, and supermarket delivery app based in Saudi Arabia with a large selection of restaurants and food shops, which previously could not be ordered and delivered. Wssel offers on-demand delivery, virtual store, and marketing services through Wssel mobile app. There is no uncovered areas or limited connectivity from some restaurants. Also, there is no minimum charge in Wssel app. Advantages: quality, experience, technology, operation, tracking, timing, own drivers.

W99l decide to develop their image, brand identity, visual communication, app and social media to stand out in the region and reinforce its position in the market.

YaStudio mission is to create a new trendy, casual, and shiny look & feel to meet Wssel objectives.

The new image combines the three main brand personality elements: speed service, casual, and happiness. The logo is an expression of the fast service (italic logotype) which is already a homemade wordmark, and the happiness (the smile), and the casual (the cap). The cap is already the first letter of Wssel in Arabic (و).

The ruby color is to make catchy on the street, in the app as well.

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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